Luminate ScanPrint

 Printing and scanning is a big part of life at ECU.
Thanks to the introduction of Luminate ScanPrint across all 3 ECU campuses,
your print, scan and copy world has been transformed.

What is ScanPrint?

There are 88 ScanPrint devices located across all three campus, including libraries, eLabs and PrintWorks centres. These devices are pretty incredible—you can print, copy and scan, to email, as well as enjoy a number of other special tricks, just by swiping your student ID card.

ScanPrint devices are managed by DocuCare, a behind-the-scenes team of legends who make sure everything is working properly and are there to give you a hand if you need it. You may not see them, but behind every full ink cartridge and neat stack of paper is a DocuCare specialist, who saves the day and retreats into the shadows (like a superhero).

How it Works

FollowMe printing

Your documents will follow you, no matter where you are on campus. Just send to print, swipe your student ID card at a ScanPrint device and boom, there it is. Good for keeping your work top secret and reducing waste.

Size matters

A3 or A4? Going monochrome or feeling colourful? We know size matters, which is why our ScanPrint devices let you choose your format and size. Watch as your document appears before you, ready to impress everyone.

Backstage superheroes

Our team of DocuCare legends stay behind the scenes to reduce printer hiccups, keep the toner flowing and ditch those awkward, worst-timing-ever document issues. They’re basically superheroes in disguise.

SmartLoader kiosks

Seriously, who uses cash these days? Our SmartLoader kiosks let you top-up your student ID card using debit cards, credit cards or payWave, to pay for ScanPrint services. Easy!

Printing on the run

You can send your documents to print from your mobile device, with our webprint app that’s available on Android devices (iOS is coming soon, we promise). Just print and go to your closest ScanPrint device to pick it up.

Help when you need it

Having issues with your documents? Stay calm and call our DocuCare superheroes on 1800 800 346 or read our FAQs. You can also check out our Print User Guide and kiosk instructions, or find more information on the student portal.

(Check each individual device for its list of capabilities.)
Many devices are also designed with mobility access.

Find a ScanPrint location

High Volume Printing:

  • Library: Building 8, Level 1-4
  • eLab: Building 10, Level 1

Campus Printing Locations:

  • Building 1, Level 1, 2 & 4
  • Building 3, Level 1 & 2
  • Building 7, Level 1
  • Building 8, Level 1-4
  • Building 10, Level 1 & 2
  • Building 13, Level 2
  • Building 15, Level 1
  • Building 16, Level 2

SmartLoader Kiosks:

  • eLab: Building 10 (10.136)
  • Library: Building 8 (8.213)
  • Campus: Building 3 (3.1105)

High Volume Printing:

    • Library: Building 8 Level 1 – 4
  • eLab: Building 10 Level 1

Campus Printing Locations:

  • Building 2, Level 1
  • Building 4, Level 1
  • Building 5, Level 2
  • Building 8, Level 2 & 3
  • Building 8A, Level 2
  • Building 17, Level 1 & 2
  • Building 18, Level 1, 2 & 4
  • Building 19, Level 1
  • Building 21, Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Building 23, Level 3
  • Building 31, Level 1-4

SmartLoader Kiosks:

  • Library: Building 31 (31.332)
  • eLab: Building 31 (31.233)
  • Campus: Building 21 (21.210)

High Volume Printing:

    • Library: Building 3, Level 1
  • eLab: Building 3, Level 1

Campus Printing:

  • Building 5 Level 1 (Corridor)

SmartLoader Kiosks:

  • eLab: Building 3 3.101